Individual Registration in Music

For the benefit of all, please make your registration reservation as soon as possible to facilitate the organization of all course activities. Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration deadline: June 1 2023


Individual Registration in Music

Individual Registration in Music: 510€

Interested students must reserve their place by filling out the registration form and making a bank transfer (free of charge) for an amount of €260. Proof of this transfer will be sent with the registration form.

The rest of the registration fee (250€) will be paid on the 1st day of the course.

Before registering, please check the calendar of the teacher you are interested in.

Although the master classes and the festival have a fixed duration, sometimes our teachers cannot attend every day due to artistic or scheduling reasons.

Participants who wish to attend a smaller number of days should request it in order to organize their class, study and concert schedules according to the teacher’s established dates and schedules. The amount of the registration fee will not be affected, since the class time received will be the same, regardless of the number of days the participant attends.

Students may register with 1 teacher (4 lessons), or with 2 teachers (2 lessons with each teacher), in order to receive the 4 lessons included in the tuition.

If you wish to work with the piano accompanist provided by the course, you can find all the information at the bottom of the page.

Once a student has formalized a registration and is active, he/she will be able to access extra classes with any other teacher of the course by previously contacting the organization.

Extra class of 45 minutes: 120€.

Your individual registration in music includes:

INDIVIDUAL LESSONS: 4 individual instrument lessons with a total duration of 45 minutes each.

MASTERCLASS: Access as a listener to all dance and instrument masterclasses of all specialties during the course.

FESTIVAL: Free entrance to all concerts of the International Music Festival (concerts every night).

CONCERTS: Possibility to play at the International Music Festival in first class concert halls.

PROFESSIONAL RECORDING: Access to professional live video and audio recording registration in the Festival’s concert halls.

SPECIAL PRICES ACCOMMODATION: Special prices at the Hotel Alixares **** with full board buffet and access to the swimming pool only for our participants and their families. Accommodation not included in the price of the masterclass.

PRACTICE ROOMS: Upon reservation, availability of a practice room every day.

CERTIFICATE: Certificate accrediting the number of teaching hours of your participation. To obtain it you must communicate it to the organization.


Accompanying Pianist

If you wish to work on a piece with an accompanying pianist during the course, whether it be a sonata, solo concerto or free works, the teacher with whom the student has enrolled must approve it and an extra fee will be charged.

This fee will correspond to the duration of the works to be played (see information below).

This payment will be made on the first day of the course, as well as the rest of the Active Registration Fee.

The amount to be paid includes two 45-minute rehearsals and the accompaniment in one of the concerts of the international festival. These rehearsals will take place, if possible, during the student’s classes with the teacher. If the schedule does not allow it, they will be held separately without the teacher present.

If the student needs extra rehearsals with the accompanying pianist, he/she must request it to the organization and pay 50€ more for each rehearsal of 45 minutes.




 1 movement  2 movements  3, 4 and 5 movements
€100 €125 €150

Cristina Esclapez Gil

Cristina Esclapez Gil was born in Madrid. She studied piano with Ramón Muñoz at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Murcia, where she obtained the superior diploma in piano and chamber music. Later, she studied with Patricia Montero at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels (higher diplomas in piano and chamber music, and first prize in piano accompaniment).

Among her solo performances, she likes to mention the complete keyboard works of J. Haydn and the Well-Tempered Clavier by J. S. Bach. However, it is above all in the field of chamber music where she has found her true passion, sharing it with artists such as Vicens Prats, Lorenzo Coppola, Kristin von der Goltz, Jaime Martín, Julia Gállego, Benoît Fromanger, Philippe Bernold, Branimir Slokar, Michel Becquet, Josep Domènech, Javier Zafra or Bart Aerbeydt.

In 2006, fascinated by the emotional potential and the variety of nuances of antique pianos, and with the valuable encouragement of Lorenzo Coppola, she started playing pianos from the 18th and 19th century.

As a member of the Ensemble Dialoghi, a group with historical instruments established in Barcelona, she plays a vast repertoire (from Viennese classicism to the 20th century, with particular attention to the Romantic period), performing in Montreal, Geneva, Lausanne, Bremen, Brussels, Rome, Helsinki, Hindsgavl, Barcelona, Warsaw, Oslo, Tokyo or Singapore.

With the Ensemble Dialoghi and for the Harmonia Mundi label, she has recorded the quintets for fortepiano and winds by W. A. Mozart and L. van Beethoven, which have received excellent reviews.

Recently, the second disc has been published (Fryderyk Chopin Institute label) where the Ensemble Dialoghi performs several works, among which Chopin’s trio Op. 8 stands out.

In 2002 she obtained a position as piano teacher at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Murcia. On voluntary leave of absence, she moved to Barcelona in 2010, where she shares her vocation for chamber music with her students at the Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña, deeply convinced of the importance of this role, which combines musical training, empathy, support and flexibility.