Initation Piano Course

Purpose and Objectives

María Herrero

In a magical setting, in the Hotel Alixares in front of the Alhambra in Granada, is held in parallel to the Masterclass and International Music Festival Leonel Morales & Friends the International Children’s Piano Course for children in initiation and beginners.
A unique course for “future musicians” from an early age, aiming to achieve a great motivation and rigor of study.

Very young pianists and beginners of different nationalities gain experience and live in community, sharing study pianos with professional students and laureates from all over the world who attend the Masterclass Leonel Morales & Friends held at the same time. For them, there is no better example to follow! They look up to “the older pianists”, feeling highly motivated in their daily study.

They learn to value the effort and how important it is to give a good class to then have the chance to be chosen by the teachers and be able to play in the concerts that are held every night in different halls of Granada during the Music Festival.

The parents who accompany them, I can assure you, that we share very exciting moments. We see that our children are real sponges that absorb and integrate with great enthusiasm.

During the course, there will be a choice of students to participate in the Concerts that are held every night in different venues in Granada during the Festival.

Because we are addressing such a beloved group and in order to achieve our goal, this course does not depend on an exact time frame. There is only one active tuition valued at 300€, since each child has his or her own personality, requiring daily class time on demand. There are students who could keep their attention in class for 10′, others 20′ and even others up to 45′.

I would like that before formalizing the inscription we exchange impressions and look for the best for our most valued treasures.


Initiation Piano Course


Initiation Piano Course

Children and beginners of all ages.

Tuition 300 €.

Dates: July 4th to 14th, 2023.
Place: Hotel Alixares in front of the Alhambra in Granada.

Participants who are unable to attend the entire course may attend a shorter number of days. To do so, they must request it in order to organize their corresponding schedules of concerts, classes and study.

Interested students must reserve their place by means of a bank transfer (free of charge) for the amount of €160.
The rest of the registration fee (140€) will be paid on the first day of the course.


The number of participants is limited. Applications will be accepted in strict order of registration and no registration will be considered valid until the reservation fee is received.

Certificate of Assistance

Students who request an accreditation certificate will be sent an email indicating the hours of participation in the course.



Eugenia Sánchez Durán

Nuria Belando


Giuliano Adorno (Italy)
Leo de María (Spain)
Llanos Díaz (Spain)
Antonina Dragán (Mexico)
Javier Gómez Dólera (Spain)
Juan Lago (Spain)
Hye Youn Park (Korea)
Arcadie Triboi (Moldova-Spain)