Chamber Music Registration

For the benefit of all, please make your registration reservation as soon as possible to facilitate the organization of all course activities.
Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration Deadline: June 1 2023


Chamber Music Registration

Chamber Music Registration: 510€ per group.

Interested students must reserve their place by filling out the registration form and making a bank transfer (free of charge) for an amount of €260. Proof of this transfer will be sent with the registration form.

The rest of the registration fee (250€) will be paid on the 1st day of the course.

This modality is created for already formed chamber groups.

The amount of the registration fee will be divided among the members of the group.

Before registering, please check the calendar of the teacher you are interested in. Although the master classes and the festival have a set duration, sometimes our faculty cannot attend every day for artistic or scheduling reasons.

Groups wishing to attend a smaller number of days should request it in order to organize their class, study and concert schedules according to the teacher’s established dates and times. The registration fee will not be affected, since the class time received will be the same, regardless of the number of days the group attends.

The group may register with 1 or 2 teachers (2 lessons with each teacher), to receive the 4 lessons included in the registration fee.

All active students may have access to extra lessons with any other teacher of the course by contacting the organization.

Extra lesson of 45 minutes: 120€ per group

Your registration includes:

LESSONS: 4 chamber music lessons with a total duration of 45 minutes each.

MASTERCLASS: Access as a listener to all dance and instrument masterclasses of all specialties during the course.

FESTIVAL: Free entrance to all concerts of the International Music Festival (concerts every night).

CONCERTS: Possibility to play at the International Music Festival in first class concert halls.

PROFESSIONAL RECORDING: Access to professional live video and audio recording registration in the Festival’s concert halls.

SPECIAL PRICES ACCOMMODATION: Special prices at the Hotel Alixares **** with full board buffet and access to the swimming pool only for our participants and their families. Accommodation not included in the price of the masterclass.

PRACTICE ROOMS: Upon reservation, availability of a practice room every day.

CERTIFICATE: Certificate accrediting the number of teaching hours of your participation. To obtain it you must communicate it to the organization.