With an artistic path endowed with great versatility and talent, cultivated in part by his curious character and in part by his tenacity and love for art, he began his long-term career in his native Cuba studying violin; Circumstances led him to continue with ballet mixed with the rest of the plastic arts that have accompanied him since he was born and today make up the great professional that Rafael Rivero Hervis is.

Recently graduated from the National School of Art in Havana, specializing in ballet in 1991, he became part of the National Ballet of Cuba under the direction of Alicia Alonso, reaching the category of Principal Dancer and performing great works from the classical repertoire. such as: “Swan Lake”, “Sigfrid”, “Don Quijote”, “La Sylphide”, “La Fille mal gardee” or “Coppelia”, to name a few.

After that professional debut he continued his career around the world, jumping to compete in Japan where he obtained the silver medal in the Osaka Competition (1995).

From there, the ballet takes him to Paris to join the Young Ballet of France with which he represents important pieces of the contemporary universe: “Les Indomptés” (Claude Brumachon) or “Le Voyage organisé” (Dominique Bagouet).

From Paris he landed at the Zurich Opera, in 1996, under the direction of Heinz Spoerti, dancing renowned works such as “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, choreographed by Spoerti himself, or “Black Cake” (Hans Van Manen). .

In 1998 he arrived at the Royal Antwerp Ballet under the direction of Robert Denvers dancing, among other works, “The Four Temperaments” (George Balanchine) or “Nutcracker”.
This entire professional career led him to Spain to spend eight seasons as Principal Dancer in the National Dance Company under the direction of Nacho Duato, dancing in creations such as “Castrati”, “Seventeen” or “Romeo and Juliet” and many other works of the director and choreographer of the company as well as in other
also recognized creators such as Jiri Kylian, Mats Ek or William Forsythe, to name a few.

His love for music, narrative and dance mixes with his natural curiosity and concerns and leads him to the field of interpretation in works, in which he acts and dances, by Tomaž Pandur, “Medea” or “ At”. He continues to venture into the field of Theater-Dance with Goyo Montero with works such as “Don Juan Tenorio”, “El Sueño de la Razón” or “Romeo y Julieta”.

We can also enjoy his talent on the small and big screen in series such as “Aída”, “Sky Rojo”, “El Conde de Montecristo” or short films such as “Le Track” (nominated at the 2007 Sunset Festival).

We enjoyed his talent as a choreographer in multiple works under the direction of Tomás Muñoz, at the Juan March Foundation, from 2014 to the present with “Pelele y Marvra” or “Los Elementos” among many others.

With Rafael Rivero Hervis you have the opportunity to discover dance under a mixture of artistic disciplines that, together with the philosophical and humanistic currents and under his vision of the arts, complement and enhance each other.

It will make your vision of daily life and dance what they are: one thing.
<<Life is a dance of infinite paths.>>