Features and Advantages

We aim to help young people to work together and thus form ensembles of different instrumental specialities, as well as to promote the already formed groups. In addition to already being great professionals in the world of music, they will be able to discuss, agree and jointly reach a professional performance that will thrill the audience that attends the concerts every night of the Festival.


1-) Creation of new ensembles: Leonel Morales & Friends offers Masterclasses in piano, violin, viola, cello and guitar. In the same course, new ensembles can be created between our participants. ATTENTION: It is required to stay at least 5 days during the course to be able to make a serious group work.

Those interested should send a video (Youtube link) with the duration they deem appropriate to know their personality, level, musical facets and thus be able to create the group, either of two or more partners. To do this, you must fill in the registration form with your chosen instrumental specialty, and also mark the section “Chamber Music”.

ADVANTAGE. Class of 45 minutes for 120 Euros to be divided among the different participants of the group. The groups formed will be notified on 15 June 2022.

2-) Promote already formed groups: If you are a formed group and you want to participate in the Masterclass and the Festival, without any problem, you can. As you are a from al all the costs will be divided between each member. Registration, hosting (if you share a room) etc…

Even, we offer the opportunity to obtain an extraordinary promotional material such as a professional live recording during the Festival with the characteristics detailed in this section.

ADVANTAGE. The registration fee for Chamber Music per group is 490 Euros and includes 4 lessons of 45 minutes.

Chamber Music Faculty