International Violin Competition


The 1st Violin International Competition: LeonelMorales & Friends, will take place in Granada, at the Caja Rural Auditorium the 9 and 10th of July, 2022. This competition is open to every violinist from whatever country, being 22 years old or less at the beginning of the contest.



First Round: (15 min max.)

J. S. Bach: two movements or contrasting pieces.
Free program until the required duration is met.

Second Round: (30 min max.)

-Free program until the required duration is met.


First Prize


Second Prize


Third Prize



Jordán Tejedor
Jury Chairman

Corrado Bolsi

Heriberto Fonseca

Manuel Guillén


Zornitsa Ilarionova


Accompanying Pianist

The candidate is allowed to play pieces with piano accompaniment, if he/she wishes to do so.

Therefore, he/she will:

Participate with he´s/her accompanying pianist.
Request it to the organization for the price of 50€ plus the registration fee for the competition.

In case the participant requires the accompanying pianist to the organization, the rehearsals will take place the 8th of July of 2022 and will have an 1 hour length per participant.


Registration deadline: 1st of june, 2022.

VERY IMPORTANT: Only the registrations of the participants who send all the documentation in a single email will be considered as valid.

Registrations can be done by filling  out the following registration form or by sending an email to: attaching the following data and scanned information.

Payment of the registration fee (80€) free of charge by bank transfer + Accompanying Pianist (50€) if requested:

Mailing Address: Parque Empresarial de Las Rozas. Calle Camilo José Cela, 5. C. P. : 28232
City: Las Rozas de Madrid (España)
Telephone: +34 91 340 22 40
MARLE 96 SL. (Organizing Company).
I.B.A.N. ES34 2100 6363 5013 0027 5735

On the transfer data, ONLY THE NAME AND SURNAME OF THE PARTICIPANT and the word COMPETITION have to appear.

The payment proof will have to be included to the registration. No registration will be considered valid until the registration fee is not received.

Authorization for contestants under 18 years old:

If the contestant is under 18 years old, an authorization has to be signed and scanned by father, mother or tutor and attached to the Registration Form:

Mr./Mrs.______________ with ID ______________I  authorize my son/daughter to participate in the Violin International Competition: Leonel Morales & Friends, assuming any responsibility deriving from his participation in it.

It is very important to confirm 10 days before the beginning of the Competition, time and date of arrival.
If the child is not staying at the Hotel Alixares, please let us know.

The management of the VIOLIN INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION: LEONEL MORALES & FRIENDS will examine the application forms and will inform the interested if their registration request has been accepted or not. A maximum of 32 violinists will be selected based on the registration material and they will be informed before June 15 if the participant has been selected.

Datos personales / Personal information

Datos de contacto / Contact information

Repertorio / Repertory

Documentación / Documentation