Ballet Registration

For the benefit of all, please make your registration reservation as soon as possible to facilitate the organization of all course activities. Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration Deadline: June 1 2023

All lessons will be taught in English and Spanish, so we welcome international students.


Active Tuition: 700€.

Interested students must reserve their place by filling out the registration form and making a bank transfer (free of charge) for an amount of €300. Proof of this transfer will be sent with the registration form.

The rest of the registration fee (400€) will be paid on the 1st day of the course.


  • Ballet Class (Mixed 1 hour and a half)
  • Male Technique (1 hour)
  • Pointe Work (1 hour)
  • Repertoire Class (1 hour and a half)
  • Pas de Deux Class

Brian Maloney

MASTERCLASS: Access as listeners to all master classes of instrument and dance of all specialties during the course.

FESTIVAL: Free admission to all concerts of the International Music Festival.

PERFORMANCES: Possibility of performing at the International Music Festival in first class halls.

PROFESSIONAL RECORDING: Access to professional live video and audio recording at the performances during the Festival.

SPECIAL PRICES ACCOMMODATION: Special prices at the Hotel Alixares **** with full board buffet and access to the swimming pool only for our participants and their families.

REHEARSAL ROOMS: Access to facilities and dance studios available for rehearsal and classes every day.

CERTIFICATE: Certificate certifying the number of teaching hours of your participation. To obtain it you must communicate it to the organization.

Taina Morales


Intermediate Level (Ages 12-14)

At this level the goal is to provide training in which young dancers can continue to develop a solid technical foundation. Working on perfecting the execution of basic steps will ensure students will be ready to perform at a more demanding level. The program includes ballet class, technique class, repertoire class, pointe class, two-step class and end-of-course performance.

Advanced Level (Ages 15-19)

At this level dancers will benefit from strong training, taking students to the highest level where they will be challenged to achieve virtuosity while maintaining quality of movement and developing artistry. The program includes Ballet Class , Technique Class , Repertory Class , Pointe Class , Pas De Deux Class , end of course performance.

Elite Level

At this level we will provide stronger, personalized training with specific individual feedback to help each dancer gain the confidence to excel at auditions or as a young professional.

Dancers applying for the Intermediate and Advanced level will be assigned to the most appropriate level after evaluation of their first class.

César Corrales & Francesca Hayward


Intermediate / Advanced
To register you must send a brief biography and a photo in first arabesque.

To register you must send a brief biography including your school / company.

Dress Code

Intermediate / Advanced Men
Black or white shirt. Black or white tights.

Women Intermediate
Light blue or light pink leotard. Pink or skin tone tights.

Advanced Women
Blue or black leotard. Pink or skin tone tights.