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María Herrero

Leonel Morales & Friends – International Music Festival and Masterclass, has the objective of motivating the study, effort and tenacity of instrumentalists of every level, give access to these to a great faculty of recognized international prestige, as well as promote the youngest children and interpreters.

During your participation you will have the opportunity of sharing knowledge and experiences with musicians that come from all over the world.

The next edition of the Masterclass and the International Music Festival will take place in Granada in July 2021. (Exact dates coming soon…).

Come to Granada, a city full of culture, magic and charm and live and unforgettable experience!


Our activities

Get all the information about the masterclasses: Festival, place reservation, active or passive registration, special courses, concerts with orchestra, accompanying pianist, scholarships…

Masterclasses for all kind of students, given by teachers of recognized international prestige. Select your instrument and obtain all the information about our faculty.

For children and young kids in initiation. They learn to value the effort and the importance of having a good lesson to have the possibility of being chosen by the faculty to play in concert.

The International Piano Competition María Herrero has the objective of motivating the study, effort and tenacity, as well as promote the children and the youngest interpreters.

The International Music Festival takes place in different auditoriums and concert halls of Granada, in which the participants will offer in front of an audience their adquired interpretative level, strategies and knowledge learned during the course. The active students that will participate in the festival will be selected by the faculty of the masterclass.

Our objective is trying to achieve our maximum promotion and advice so pursued by every artist. Because of all that, and your impression after your performances, they will keep recorded for your own promotion.

The ¨Methodology Course of Piano Teaching¨ will be given by teacher Ofelia Montalván. This course has a duración of 12 hours divided in 3 days.

The organization has arranged special prices in the Alixares Hotel**** for participants and their families or companions. To get that offer, reservations must be made directly in the Hotel via phone or e-mail indicating: ¨Masterclass Leonel Morales & Friends¨

Registrations can be made through our website, in the registration section or by e-mail to: secretariaparticipantes@gmail.com sending the scanned information requested in the newsletter.

If you have any doubt, contact us. We are at your disposal.

“For any musician, it is a main thing to be able to transmit the experience to young generations, and that they can also put everything they have learned into practice. It places this Masterclass and Festival in one of the best platforms worldwide. It is an honor and luxury to be here. “


“What has fascinated me most about this course in Granada is the musical atmosphere there is. At all times there is talk of music, the students are always in groups experimenting, listening, learning … Granada is a very special place because of this. An unusual but magical environment when you live it. “


“Every musician needs to play. Here we can work in class, experiment in the” laboratory “and then put it into practice. This is something fundamental in the development of a musician, and it is incredible that we have first-class concert halls to demonstrate everything that has been learned in front of an audience. “


“Everything has been magnificent, the facilities, the quality, the level and the organization. This is a wonderful place which I recommend to many students, as they can have a great experience, learn and, above all, share moments of music and life.”