Please make the enrollment reservation the soon as possible to facilitate the organization of practice rooms, class schedule, course activities and concert programming for the students. For the benefit of all, the places will be assigned in strict order of registration.

The interested students must reserve their registration by a bank transfer (free of charge) of 240€, the rest of the registration will be paid the first day of the course.

Deadline for Registration: 15th of June 2021

Accompanying Pianist and Concerts with Orchestra


The students that need piano accompaniment during the course (one lesson of 45 minutes as a rehearsal and during the concert), will have to pay an extra 12o€. This payment must be done the first day of the course, with the left payment of the active student registration.


If you wish to work on a concert with orchestra, you can prepare it in your lessons, as long as the professor with whom the student has registered, has approved it. For this king of work, it will be necessary to pay an extra amount. This payment will be made on the first day of the course, with the remaining amount of the Active Registration.

The costs will vary depending on the period of the concert and the number of movements presented to play.

Registration includes two lessons of rehearsal with the accompanying pianist, each lasting 45 minutes, as well as accompaniment in one of the concerts of the Festival.

If the student wishes to have more rehearsal classes, in addition to those established in the registration form, he must pay an extra amount of 50€ and inform the organization.

Those concerts that have more than 3 movements will be classified as whole concerts.

Concerts 1 Movement 2 Movements 3 Movements
Baroque – Classic 100 € 120€ 150€
Romantic – Modern 120€ 150€ 180€