If you wish to work on a piece with a piano accompanist during the course, whether it is a sonata, solo concerto or free work, the teacher with whom the student has enrolled must approve it and an extra fee will be charged. This fee will correspond to the number of movements to be played (if the work is divided into movements) or to the duration of the work (if it is a free work not divided into movements). This payment will be made on the first day of the course, as well as the rest of the Active Enrolment fee.

The fee includes one or two 45-minute rehearsals depending on the repertoire to be performed (see information below) and the accompaniment in one of the concerts of the international festival. These rehearsals will take place, if possible, during the student’s classes with their teacher. If the timetable does not allow it, they will take place separately without the teacher present.

If the student needs extra rehearsals with the accompanying pianist, he/she must request it to the organisation and pay an additional 50€ for each extra 45-minute rehearsal.

The costs for the piano accompaniment will vary according to the period of the repertoire and the number of movements or the length of the repertoire to be presented.

Works with more than 3 movements will be classified as works of more than 20 minutes.


Prices for the accompaniment of baroque or classical repertoire include a single 45-minute rehearsal and accompaniment at one concert of the festival.

Sonatas/Concerts/Performances divided by movements – Baroque or Classicism

 1 Movement 2 Movements 3 Movements
100€ 120€ 150€

Free works – Baroque or Classicism

Pieces that are not divided by movements will be classified by duration.

Less than 10 min. Between 10 min – 20 min More than 20 min
100€ 120€ 150€


The prices for the accompaniment of romantic repertoire, 20th century or contemporary music include two 45-minute rehearsals and the accompaniment at a festival concert.

Sonatas/Concerts/Performances divided by movements – Romanticism/20th century/Contemporary Music.

1 Movement 2 Movements 3 Movements
120€ 150€ 180€

Free works – Romanticism/20th century/Contemporary Music

The pieces that are not divided by movements will be classified by duration.

Less than 10 min Between 10 min – 20 min More than 20 min
120€ 150€ 180€

Silvia Mkrtchian